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Lucky's Collectors Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos
History and Values

Lucky J. Meisenheimer, M.D.
Lucky J.'s Swim & Surf, Inc.
258 Pgs.

This book is currently the grand daddy of yo-yo price guides.  It is the most comprehensive guide available.  The book concentrates on yo-yos from the United States, but some foreign are also included.  The book is broken down into several sections: Introduction, Collecting and History, Yo-Yo Listings, Plates, Memorabilia Categories, and Appendix.

The Introduction includes acknowledgments, photo credits, and a guide on how to use the book.

The Collecting and History section discusses a grading system, how the author determined yo-yo values, conterfeits, fakes, and reproductions, repair and restoration.  There is also a glossary of collecting terms, which includes the different types of axles, yo-yo halves, novelty attachments, packaging and sales, seals, specialty paints, and specialty plastics.  Yo-yo shapes and sizes are also discussed.   There is an FAQ, as well as a history of the yo-yo and yo-yo contests.

The Yo-Yo Listings section is arranged alphabetically by manufacturer.   A history for each manufacturer is included.  The descriptions for each yo-yo include the name, type of seal, material used to make the yo-yo, the shape, size, type of string attachment/axle, and year(s) of production.  Also included is miscellaneous info, such as packaging, advertising info, rarity, and variations.

The Plates section contains photos of yo-yos and memorabilia.  There are over one thousand yo-yo photos and several hundred memorabilia photos.  Each photo has a number which corresponds to the description in the Listings section.  Not every yo-yo in the Listings sections has a photo, but the majority of them do.

The Memorabilia and Categories section includes awards, counter display boxes, miscellaneous items, patches, pins, posters and sheet music, string packs, and trick books.  The items in this section are listed alphabetically by manufacturer.

The Appendix includes resources, values, about the author, and an autographs page for collectors.  There are three different values provided, P (packaged), NM (near mint), and G (good).  The values section is in numerical order, using the number which accompanys each description.

If you collect yo-yos, or just have a passing interest in them, you need this book.  I only have two minor complaints.  I wish the values were included with the descriptions instead of being in a separate section.  I also would have liked to see a section dedicated to yo-yo demonstrators.

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